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Nespresso Coffees Lungo: 2,5 Espresso: 2,5

Thea Lemon or mint: 2,50€

Softs Still or sparkling water 20cl: 2,5 Coca-Cola, Coke Light, Fanta: 2,5 Looza orange: 2,5 Schweppes tonic: 2,5 Red Bull: 3,5

Beers Jupiler: 2,5 Carlsberg: 3,5 Leffe Blonde / Brune: 3,5 Chimay Bleue, Rouge or Triple: 3,5 Duvel: 3,5

Wine White or Rosé wine 25cl: 6 White or Rosé wine 75cl: 15

Champagne House Champagne 37,5cl: 35 House Champagne 75cl: 70

Aperitifs Martini, Campari, Porto, Pisang, Safari, Batida de Coco: 5

Alcohols Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Bacardi, Amaretto, Bailey’s, Cointreau, Grand-Marnier, Pastis: 6 Jack Daniel’s: 7 Eristoff Rouge: 7

Adding soft Coca, Jus d’orange, Eau: 1,5




Food Chips: Salt or Paprika: 1,5

Appetizers: To discover soon!

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