The pink Love Rooms rent rooms for intimate meetings

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The pink Love Rooms rent rooms for intimate meetings

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Halloween at the pink love rooms

Come to celebrate Halloween at the Pink Love Room the 31 October... starting at 8pm. Free entrance ! Please note that there is a dress code: cuir,vinyl,gothique,cosplay,dentelles. For men, at least...

Space BDSM at The Pink Love Room

NEW: BDSM Space A new space reserved for the BDSM pleasures has been realized in the cellars of the hotel which have been completely renovated and furnished. Reservation only by phone on 071 /...

Book online your room and be sure to get the one you want!

  Book online your room at the Pink Love Rooms! It has never been so easy! Don't forget, it's now possible to book online on our website: Soon, it will...

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September and October Promotion

September and Ocotber Promotion : Book, min. 2 hours starting between 17h and 19h, through our website a superior room or oriental room and ask and receive at your arrival an extra free...

Love Hotels, like our Pink Love Rooms, are of Japanese origin.

A little bit of history

Love Hotels, like our Pink Love Rooms, are of Japanese origin.

Everything started in the early 20th century with the so called rooms yen-shuku (literally meaning « 1 yen rooms ») at a price of two yens for the whole night or at 1 yen for several hours in the day. However, after the war, most of these establishments would disappear.

After war and as a result of the Japanese economic miracle, hostels for sales representatives would emerge. These are also used from couples for a few hours, without overnight stay; therefore a reduced rate-system was introduced. With couples as target, these hostels are named tsurekomi yado (« hostels for accompanied clients »). Only in Tokyo, we can find almost 3000 in 1960. Often, due to lack of space in their own domiciles, legitimate or married couples use these hostels as well.

The term Love Hotel becomes general in the 70s. At that time these hostels were very much projected in order to attract clients. This is not today’s case. The Love Hotel is not only a place where women are lead to by men but also a place where couples go together. Furthermore, owners of Love Hotels have improved what they have to offer to women. Love Hotels, day hotels or hotels that are rented by the hour, are found nowadays all over the world.

Love Hotels at present

Love Hotel is a type of hotel that you could reserve by the hour (or sometimes overnight) and offers intimacy and discretion in order couples to get involved in intimate encounters. The rooms that are available for this reason are often themed, like our Oriental themed room (the rest of our rooms will be soon renovated), and decorated suitably, so that they satisfy all sorts of fantasies.

The Love Hotels’ clientele varies: from young people still living with their parents to lovers and mature couples.

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